How To Get the Most Out of Your First Car

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You just got your license and are now ready to find a vehicle. Maybe your parents are passing down the family car. Maybe you have been saving up for months. Maybe you are looking to purchase a used car. Whatever the case, learning how to properly take care of a vehicle can be daunting. Here are a few things you can do to get the most out of your first car.

Maintain Appearances

To keep your vehicle in its best condition, auto detailing is a crucial set of cosmetic procedures to have done to your car. Car detailing Burlington VT includes both exterior and interior cleaning and restoration, ranging from vacuuming your seats to cleaning the tires to buffing the car. Various levels of detailing are offered depending on your budget and car type. When you drive away from your car detailing appointment, it should look practically new.

Regular Maintenance

To get as many miles out of your car as possible, you will have to do the following:

  • Check fluids regularly. This includes power steering, transmission and brake fluids.
  • Get an oil change every few thousand miles, depending on the owner’s manual instructions.
  • Replace dirty engine air filters. This is often done when you get an oil change.
  • Rotate your tires. The owner’s manual will tell you how often.
  • Flush your radiator coolant.

It is important to establish a relationship with mechanics who you can trust, especially as a first-time car owner. Consider a local shop with a positive reputation, whether in the eyes of family and friends or online reviews. Make sure the garage specializes in your make and model. Determine if the shop is accredited by the American Automobile Association through their Approved Auto Repair program. AAR facilities must meet the same standards of professionalism and quality as AAA.

By reguarly investing in both the cosmetic and operational features of your first car, it will likely last you longer than you may expect while saving you money in the long run.…